Internships at PEER Servants consist of 4 weeks to 18 months either serving one of our microfinance partners or in the PEER Servants corporate office. Internships with one of our microfinance partners come only upon their request and approval, and preference is given to current PEER Servants volunteers in the filling of such requests. Internships are not paid, although interns can raise support through PEER Servants and have their receiptable expenses reimbursed up to the level of funds they raise. If you are interested in an internship with one of our microfinance partners or in our PEER Servants corporate office, please review the Current Internship Opportunities document provided below and, if you would like to apply for a specific internship, contact us at PEER Servants at least three months prior to your desired start date in order to get an internship application.

Current Internship Opportunities  

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PEER Servants intern!