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“Ate” Ruth Receives Reciprocity Award

“Ate” Ruth Callanta, CEO/Founder of The Center for Community Transformation (CCT), was the distinguished recipient of PEER Servants’ Reciprocity Award, the highest award given out by PEER Servants. The Reciprocity Award recognizes outstanding lifetime contribution to extending the kingdom of heaven to the PEER Servants network and beyond. Only the second person to receive the Award, “Ate” Ruth has generously and enthusiastically devoted significant CCT resources to empowering much smaller indigenous Christian microfinance institutions in the PEER Servants network so that they can have a greater impact in extending the kingdom of heaven to earth. Because of her investment and that of the CCT team, many other microfinance practitioners have said “we want to become the CCT of our country!”. PEER Servants gave “Ate” Ruth the Award at their October 28 Fall Fundraising Banquet in Lexington, MA where she gave the keynote address on “Beyond What We Can Ask or Imagine”. The Award comes with a $1,000 grant that the recipient can direct to the ministry of their choice.

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