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Announcing Our 2018 Special Project Grants

We are very pleased to announce our 2018 Special Project Grants. These Grants are in response to special projects our global partners present to us each year that are above and beyond the regular funding we provide to them for their microfinance, education, and youth empowerment initiatives. This year they include…

a new Microfinance Railway Station in Kolkata, India.

a Women’s Savings Program in Cusco, Peru.

an Event Management Initiative in Arua, Uganda.

a new branch office building in Makamba, Burundi.

a management information system in Chisinau, Moldova.

a scholarship fund for AKT 2, the next global gathering of PEER Teens.

Click here for more information on the success of our 2017 Special Project Grants and more information on our 2018 Special Project Grants. Please choose your favorite project and make a donation (you can do so easily given the link to more information) as we try to raise $100,000 to support these projects. Thank you!

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