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Meet our 2019 Lydia Award Finalists and Vote!

A Sri Lankan handbag maker, a Ugandan household goods retailer, and a Guatemalan tortilla maker. All grew their businesses with access to microfinance products and services from a local microfinance institution (and PEER Servants partner). All overcame tremendous obstacles. Their families are now living with sufficiency and dignity, and all of them are transforming their communities. They are the finalists for the PEER Servants 2019 Lydia Award. Click here to read their inspiring stories and then vote for your favorite. Online voting remains open through Saturday, August 3, 4 pm ET. Then join us for our Lydia Award Celebration wherein PEER Servants volunteers will tell you more about their stories and try to persuade you to vote for their favorite. Enjoy Sri Lankan, Ugandan, and Guatemalan cuisine and await the announcement of the Lydia Award winner at the end of the evening. Saturday, August 3, 6-8 pm, Room 105 of the Grace Chapel Adult Learning Center, 2 Militia Drive, Lexington, MA. And it’s all FREE! Thank you for being part of the global PEER community that is making transformation like this possible!

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