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Supporting Tribal Schools in the Philippines

We are always amazed at the work of our Filipino partner, The Center for Community Transformation, and our July 2019 trip there just added to our amazement! We were able to see the work of their education arm, Visions of Hope (VOH), in many different areas. The primary focus was at their tribal school in Mindanao that offers a topnotch culturally-based Christian education. We were able to provide training to their inspiring and dedicated staff while being in awe of the way they honored the tribal culture, kept Jesus central, and offered excellent formal education to children who were some of the first in their families to receive it. Beyond the time in Mindanao, we participated in CCT/VOH’s feeding program of preschool children, met Joel (a tuna processor served by the CCT Credit Coop and recipient of the 2015 Lydia Award), visited Eurofragance (a company whose owners are CCT board members and used former streetdwellers to build their beautiful office), had another blessed morning of worship at Day by Day Church in Manila, and came away so thankful that CCT is such a good steward of the small investment we are able to make in them to extend more of the kingdom of heaven to earth!

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