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Announcing Our 2019 Special Project Grants

Every year we invite our global partners to apply for grants to fund special projects they may have – above and beyond their inspiring every day work that we also support. We were so impressed with what they presented this year that we have set out to raise $100,000 to provide the grants. That funding will allow our Guatemalan partner to establish a new microfinance branch, our Filipino partner to add two buildings to expand their tribal school by two grades, and our Zambian partner to expand their kingdom outreach by getting a mini-bus (the first vehicle for their organization AND any of their staff!). It will allow our Moldovan partner to develop a digital marketing program to keep young people building businesses in their country, our Ugandan partner to develop an art/printing business to train and employ at-risk youth, our South Sudanese partner to offer safe, secure hygiene centers for young children in a refugee settlement, and our Indian partner to modernize and digitize their loan processing for over 30,000 clients! In short, these Special Project Grants, part of our 2019 Banquet Offering, are going to have great impact for the kingdom! Click here to check out more on these projects and give. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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