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Seized to Be The Body of Christ

Key Verse

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.
1 Corinthians 12:27 (NIV)

Short Reflection

Paul used the human body to give an easier understanding of the body of Christ to the church in Corinth. He went ahead to explain how the Christians together as a group form the body of Christ and how the body of Christ is constituted by the Christians as individual members. We also note in earlier verses how Paul emphasized the importance of the various members of the body working together, with each serving their specialized functions for the body as a whole to work well.

The significance of the different spiritual gifts among Christians as members of the body of Christ was Paul’s main focus and what he was trying to address to the believers in Corinth. He aimed at encouraging them to avoid focusing on their differences and discrimination against other members of the body of Christ which was actually violating the different gifts that the Spirit gave to them as members of the church. They were instead expected to work together to be able to flourish and follow the perfect will of the Heavenly Father and what God wants the church to be like.

Therefore, just like the Christians in Corinth, as a believer you are part of “the body of Christ” and it is important for you to discover how you are distinctly gifted by the Spirit and embrace the purpose that you are entitled to serve as part of Christ’s body.

Jesus has seized you to be His body!

This is the second in the “Seized to Be An Image Bearer of Jesus” series of blog posts and is a special submission from Alemi Todoko, a PEER Servants volunteer from Uganda now residing in Juba, South Sudan. It is also the last post in our year-long “Seized for Something Greater” discipleship series. Check back in the weeks to come for the discipleship blog posts on our next theme “All for One” as we address the many calls to unity as expressed in the Scriptures. God bless you!

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