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It’s PEER Teens Scholars Season!

It’s PEER Teens Scholar season at PEER Servants – the time of year you can sign up to be a Sponsor of an extremely impressive and promising servant leader in one of our African PEER Teens affiliates who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a university education.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll use our website to introduce you to some of our current inspiring, visionary, hardworking Scholars. You have until April 30 to become a Sponsor of a PEER Teens Scholar – click here go to the Programs/Education section of our website for more information.

Before we introduce some of our current Scholars, we want to share a powerful video that CBS News aired in their “On the Road with Steve Hartman” segment on how one individual can change the life of another through education. Few of us can offer free university education for a graduating class, but many of us can donate $1,500/year to send a promising servant leader in Africa to university. Check out this video and come back in the days ahead to meet some of our current Scholars!

There are many young people on the waiting list to become a PEER Teens Scholar. Thank you for considering making such a difference in the lives of one of them!

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