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Meet Persis, Future Radiographer

Persis is a PEER Teens Scholar studying to become a radiographer. She is in her first year of university at Lusaka Apex Medical University in Zambia. As an active member of PEER Teens Zambia, Persis participates in their sports outreach ministry and also their programs to serve the very materially poor and elderly.

Persis lost both of her parents when she was young. Without the PEER Teens Scholar program, it is unlikely she would have been able to pursue her dream of attending university and use her medical profession to extend God’s kingdom. In a letter to her sponsors (an empty-nester couple in Upstate New York) she wrote, “The first year we are doing biology, physics, math and chemistry. So far I have passed with A’s, B+ and a B. I want to thank you for everything you have helped me with. Thank you for praying with me since the day I started my school. God has been faithful.”

Persis is on her way to becoming a radiographer today because that couple in Upstate New York appreciated the great potential that these young PEER Teens servant leaders have to become their community leaders of tomorrow. There are many PEER Teens in Africa on the waiting list to become a Scholar. Their families just can’t afford the university expenses.

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