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Meet Margaret, Future Nation Builder

Margaret is a PEER Teens South Sudan Scholar who has overcome tremendous challenges to be able to attend Bugema University in Uganda.  She is working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Community Development and looks forward to becoming a Community Development Officer and extending God’s love to the people of South Sudan as they rebuild after the war.

Before entering the university, Margaret lived in a refugee settlement camp in Uganda given the war. There she saw great needs for extending God’s kingdom. As a part of PEER Teens South Sudan, Margaret has been active in visiting and praying for the sick and caring for orphans from the war. She has been an exemplary servant leader.

Intelligent as she is and the great leader that she is, Margaret would not be able to attend the university were it not for a middle-income family of six in Connecticut who chose to become her PEER Teens Scholar Sponsor. In a letter to her sponsor family, she wrote, “I’m very grateful to the Almighty God for giving me the opportunity of going back to school, and I also thank those who put efforts in making my future bright. I am grateful for being part of your family. It is a moment of joy and pleasure and I really do appreciate your prayers. As an orphaned child, my dad passed away sometimes back, but the God I serve sent you to provide more for my education than my dad ever could.”

Who may God be sending you to as a Sponsor of a PEER Teens Scholar? There are so many inspiring young women and men like Margaret on the waiting list to become a PEER Teens Scholar. Interested in becoming a Sponsor and changing the life of a young person like Margaret? The donation it takes may be much lower than you think. Click here by April 30 for more information. Thank you!

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