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Our 2020 Global Virtual Walk is One Month Away!

Our 2020 Walk for Economic Empowerment has gone virtual and global! The need is greater than ever. We’re walking “together” on Saturday, June 6 from our own homes as a global community of hundreds of people to raise $125,000+. 100% of the funds raised will go into PEER Servants Coronavirus Response Fund and then on to one of PEER Servants’ ten global partners for…

  • Humanitarian Outreach to meet the dire needs of the extremely materially poor families served by our partners during this season when their micro-businesses have been shut down.
  • Payroll Protection as our global partners try to retain their staff despite not having the interest revenues from the micro-loans that their clients simply can’t repay at this time.
  • Portfolio Protection to replenish some of the loan capital that the clients won’t be able to repay and provide funds that can empower the materially poor in the better days ahead.

While we’re raising these funds, we’re going to have loads of fun with a Global Scavenger Hunt, Poetry Contest, Photo Contest, and Children’s Art Contest!

Can you join us? Click here to go to our Walk webpage. From there you can access the crowdfunding page, choose one of twelve Walk teams, register for the Walk, and get your crowdfunding note out within a few minutes! Thank you!

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