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We Just Sent $70,000+ in Global Partner Grants!

This morning, thanks to God’s power and spirit of generosity active in so many of you, we were able to send over $70,000 in grants to six global partners out of our Coronavirus Response Fund (CRF). This increases the total amount sent from the CRF to over $180,000. The funds have allowed each of our ten global partners to offer humanitarian outreach to their clients/students/youth, continue to retain and pay their staff members even when their clients cannot repay their micro-loans, and replenish at least some of their loan portfolios for the better days ahead.

Your actions have led countless people around the world to offer their praises up to God, much like you see in this picture. 

We’re so thankful to our Heavenly Father and grateful for the heart and generosity of you, our donors. Thank you!

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