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The Path to Perfect Peace – Practice True Shalom: Practice

Key Verse

You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in you,
all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Isaiah 26:3 (NLT)

Short Reflection

A violin-piano duet video of our goddaughter and her brother practicing together gave joy to our hearts. They were diligent in their practicing.

The idea of getting good at ‘fixing our thoughts’ on the author of shalom takes diligent pursuit and practice, too. Like learning to play an instrument well takes hundreds of practice hours to yield brilliant outcomes. The Hebrew word ‘mind’ means ‘creative imagination’. God’s inspiring presence helps us to focus and be quiet; our trust gets re-established in God. We are washed, cleaned up in God’s presence; liberated from worries, disappointments, and failures. Heartaches are transferred to the Divine shoulders of the One who carries these burdens well. Let’s get to practicing, let’s improve our skill at fixing our minds on the One who is Shalom!

Lord God, we want to rest in Your shalom; overshadowed in Your presence, we are at peace. We confess we struggle to rest and trust and we fail You, and others. We have trusted in our own strength; help us to trust in You instead. Help us to return when we stray, and find that perfect peace again when we remember Your promise to keep us in perfect peace. Amen!

This is the fourth in the “Practice True Shalom” series of blog posts and was submitted by our good friend, Kathi Cohen, Director of Moringa Associates, Inc. in Australia.

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