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How Much Would You Pay for Water?

How about $50?

For well over a year, members of our Kenya Chapter of PEER Servants volunteers have been establishing a strong foundation of fellowship and friendship with the Animist Samburu people of Tuale village in Kenya. As they have listened to the expressed needs of the Tuale Elders, access to clean water is at the top of their needs for their people. The Kenya Chapter brought in a topnotch Kenyan firm to complete a hydrological survey, and they have concluded water may be available if they drill down 250m. The cost? Likely at least $50,000 for the drilling, casing, filtering, etc. More than 1,000 of the people in Tuale will benefit. That’s around $50 per person for access to clean water.

Today the Tuale women have to walk 5 miles each way in a very hot climate to access river water that isn’t very clean. It takes the better part of a day to make the trip, and there’s risk of being raped along the way. This is far from the vision God has for the people of Tuale!

The global PEER family wants to stand with our Kenyan sisters and brothers as they address this need. In honor of our 30th Anniversary, we want to raise at least $30,000 towards the $50,000+ needed. This will be our sole #GivingTuesday campaign for this Tuesday, November 30. Would you be willing to give $50 for one person in Tuale to have access to clean water? Perhaps you can even provide enough for a whole family. Please click here to learn more and make water, both physical and living, available to the Samburu people of Tuale. Thank you!


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