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Over $700,000 in 2021 Global Grants!

Thank you for enabling us to provide over $700,000 in 2021 Grants to our Global Partners and Chapters to extend a bit more of the kingdom of heaven to the materially poor! Through your generosity, our Global Partners continued to serve their micro-business clients and enable them to provide for their families. Students in African universities and Asian tribal schools continued to access education. Young people around the world were, more than ever, positive change agents in their communities. The sick were able to get medical tests in Guatemala, and people around the world were much more food and water secure. The great love God has for us became real to many. We are learning to love like Him, and the world is much better off for it! Thank you for your inspiring generosity and trusting God and us to get a great kingdom return on your investment. On to 2022 – our year of “Mission Possible”.


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