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Mission Possible – Ensure Quality Healthcare: The Good News Way…

Key Verse

John the Baptist, who was in prison, heard about all the things the Messiah was doing. So he sent his disciples to ask Jesus, “Are you the Messiah we’ve been expecting, or should we keep looking for someone else?” Jesus told them, “Go back to John and tell him what you have heard and seen — the blind see, the lame walk, those with leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is being preached to the poor.”

Matthew 11:2-5 (NIV)

Short Reflection

A friend in a poor Tanzanian village writes, “We were a little taken aback by the brokenness around us. So many people we know live in such hardship.” One family of 7 suddenly becomes 12 as a broken running away relative abandons her 4 young ones. And yet, even here, God has a good plan. The former Sunday School ‘terror’, previously the naughtiest kid there, now tenderly cares for his little cousin, Emmanuel. Our friend continues, “It was beautiful to see the boy, Elisha, lovingly concerning himself for his young cousin.”

Quality Healthcare? In many places like this Tanzanian one, healthcare comes as an expression of patience and kindness thrown in, by a newly transformed older boy; here the previously wayward one becomes a surrogate big brother to an abandoned baby cousin. Yes, quality healthcare does also open the way for the poor to receive the Good News along with care. This unlikely suddenly expanded family now experiences a good taste of just that!

This is the fourth in the “Ensure Quality Healthcare” series of blog posts on our Journey to Palpable Kingdom Presence and is prepared by our good friend, Kathi Cohen. Kathi and her husband, David, are based in the Blue Mountains of Australia. A passion for Christian service has motivated ministry all their lives and their love for the Church helps them to encourage others to see their ministries mature and better reflect the great reconciler we follow, Jesus Christ.

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