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Mission Possible – Ensure Safe, Peaceful, and Welcoming Communities: Rest

Key Verse

My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.

Isaiah 32:18 (NIV)

Short Reflection

The Bible talks a lot about rest. God seems pretty passionate that we experience it. It is an important aspect of “palpable kingdom presence”.

And yet how many of us could say we are experiencing rest? Many of us have secure homes, but they are not peaceful places of rest until we allow Jesus to be king of such dwelling places and the kingdom of heaven to reign in them.

When we do allow Jesus to be king and the kingdom of heaven to reign, there is less arguing, less worry, less self-centeredness. Peace and rest come and stay. “Palpable kingdom presence” settles in. The “peaceful dwelling places, secure homes, and undisturbed places of rest” become a beautiful reality that can then lead to “safe, peaceful, and welcoming communities”.

Once again, the path to experiencing the kingdom goes through Jesus. Let’s return to fixing our entire lives on Him.

This is the third in the “Ensure Safe, Peaceful, and Welcoming Communities” series of blog posts on our Journey to Palpable Kingdom Presence.

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