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Our Walk for Global Empowerment is Today and Moving Indoors!

It’s an event that has raised over $1.25 million to empower those living on a few dollars a day, but it has NEVER had a rain drop. Today that may change, so we are moving the Boston Walk indoors and meeting at the PEER Servants office (591 North Avenue, Wakefield, MA).

Thanks to effective microfinance and microloans being repaid many times over, it’s an event that has put many millions of dollars of microloans into the hands of the materially poor. And now, thanks to the growth of our Global Partners, it’s also an event supporting kingdom-extending programs in education, youth empowerment, healthcare, and food/water security.

What is it? It’s the Walk for Global Empowerment. And we’re hoping to raise $200,000+ through the 2023 Walk for Global Empowerment. Click here or the image above for more info.

It’s also a great event for you and the family to enjoy – food, recreation, and a fun group of kingdom-passionate people like you who gather because they think extending more of the kingdom of heaven to earth is actually possible if we just did what Jesus told us to do! We’d love for you to join us! You can choose from one of twelve Walk Teams. Every penny (100%) of what you give or crowdfund will go to the program you select to empower the materially poor.

Here are the details for the Big Walk…

PEER Servants Walk for Global Empowerment
Sunday, June 4, 12:30 – 4:00 pm Boston Time
PEER Servants Office (591 North Avenue, Wakefield, MA)

We’ll kick off the afternoon with lunch, have a time of recreation and learning more about what you’re walking for, and then enjoy the creative indoor Walk (or traditional Walk for those who can brave the weather!).

Please take the next steps toward this year’s Walk and thanks for what you have already done to use this event to extend more of the kingdom of heaven to earth!

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