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Our Boston Walk is June 1!

Bringing the Kingdom Near

Jesus sent us off on a great mission – to extend the kingdom of heaven to earth. Our annual Walk for Global Empowerment is a great opportunity to do just that!

We’ve set a goal of raising $200,000+ and 100% of what is raised will support the work of our Global Partners in 23 different regions of the world as they bring the kingdom Near. This crowdfunding will allow…

  • Women widowed by war in Jaffna, Sri Lanka to grow businesses and support their families.
  • Tribal children in the mountains of Palawan, Philippines to be the first in their families to get formal education.
  • Returning refugees in Morobo County, South Sudan to start farms and make their families and neighbors food secure.
  • Young people throughout Africa to get training in how they can become the job creators Africa sorely needs.
  • Mothers living in one of the worst Zones of Guatemala City to be able to access quality, affordable healthcare for their children.

In all of these instances, and many more, lives will be transformed by the love of Jesus. Some will even make the decision to follow Jesus as they see His love in action.

What can you do?

  • Walk with us (or walk right where you are!). Go to our Walk Crowdfunding site, choose one of 12 Walk Teams, and register.
  • Crowdfund with us. Once you registered for your Walk Team, just send that URL out to friends and family with a short message of why you’re walking. Walk crowdfunding is open through July 31.
  • Give with us. If you can’t walk or crowdfund, go to the Walk Crowdfunding site, choose your favorite Team or walker, and make a donation. Each Walk Team gets a $5,000 match for every $10,000 raised.
  • Pray with us. Extending the kingdom of heaven to earth is a huge task. Pray for God’s power to be at work in and through us so that the result is more than we can think or imagine!
If you can join us at the Boston Walk, our corporate sponsors will spoil you with a Chick-fil-A sandwich, Stop and Shop hot dog, Honey Dew donut and coffee, Wegman’s fruit, and more! It will be a day of fun and games for the whole family!

Are you in? Here are the details for our Boston Walk, but you can walk right where you are!

PEER Servants Walk for Global Empowerment
Saturday, June 1, 9:30 am Registration
Wakefield Gazebo (near 1 Church Street, Wakefield, MA)
Admission: FREE

Thank you for bringing the kingdom Near!

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