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Banquet Program

Thank you for joining us!

Welcome to our 2020 Banquet Program!

We’re SO glad you came!

Whether you have joined us via a House Banquet or a Virtual Banquet, we’re excited to spend these new few minutes with you and bring you literally around the world! You’ll meet…

  • micro-entrepreneurs from Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
  • PEER Servants volunteers from those same regions!
  • A fantastic keynote speaker from “down under”, Australia, as he brings the message of “Perfect Peace”.
  • Young people involved in our education and youth empowerment programs.
  • Key staff from our partners who are on the front lines of empowering the materially poor.

You’ll be led in worship by African youth, meet PEER Servants volunteers trying to persuade you to vote for their favorite Lydia Award finalist, and join with others in the PEER family as we come together to raise $125,000+ in our Banquet Offering to enable our global partners to extend a bit more of heaven to the materially poor.

We are very honored you are here! Thank you for coming.

Part 1: A word from our Key Emcee and President.

In this year’s Banquet, you will have many “emcees” from around the world, but we start the evening with someone many of you will recognize. Hanna Machatha has been the emcee at our most recent Fall Banquets. She kicks the evening off with her warmth and grace.

Then, a few words of welcome from our President, Todd Engelsen.

If you’re joining us at a House Banquet, enjoy your dinner! If via a Virtual Banquet, we’ll go right into our next part of the program.

Part 2: Welcome back!

The first part of our program is emceed by some of our fun, fantastic women from Latin America! They are all central figures in our PEER global volunteer family and will help you appreciate why being part of that family is such a blessing!

Leslie Engelsen, our General Director of Servant (Volunteer) Relations, will give a “shout out” to our wonderful, dedicated volunteers that make PEER Servants tick. Then, get ready, because we’ll turn to the Lydia Awards portion of the evening. You’ll meet four inspiring micro-entrepreneurs – the finalists for our Lydia Award – AND PEER Servants volunteers on the Country Teams of the finalists who are going to try to convince you to vote for their finalist! (Lydia Award voting is now closed. Click here to see the results, announced in our October 31 Lydia Award/Banquet Wrap Up Celebration.)

Part 3: Kenya, Australia, Singapore, and Beyond!

You know by now that PEER Servants has volunteers all around the world, but did you know that in 2020, PEER Servants started a second “Chapter” of volunteers in Kenya? (The first “Chapter” is in Boston, and the years ahead may see more “Chapters” in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.) Some of our Kenyan volunteers will emcee this second part of the program and they will introduce our keynote speaker from Australia, David Cohen, as he helps us understand and embrace “Perfect Peace”.

Then Todd Engelsen will return to tell you more about your options to direct 100% of your donation to the partner or project of your choice before Duschia and Paul Bodet step us through how to give to the 2020 Banquet Offering.

That’s it!

Thanks again for coming and being a means through which we can extend more of “Perfect Peace” into our world!

Our Special Project Grants Offering will remain open through December 31. You can give online by clicking the button below.

If you have any comments on our 2020 House/Virtual Banquets, we would love to hear them. Please reach out to us at

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