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Fall Fundraising Banquet

An Inspiring Evening Joining Others to Make a Difference in the World

Celebrating What God has Done.

As you might expect, our 2020 Fall Fundraising Banquet was MUCH different than it had ever been before! COVID-19 kept us from being able to gather as a large group in one place. Instead, we had something that may have been even better – multiple “House Banquets” of up to 10 people gathering around the world throughout the month of October, and multiple “Virtual Banquets” using videoconference platforms. Instead of you coming to us, we brought the program to you!

If you were able to attend one of our House or Virtual Banquets, thanks for coming! If you weren’t, it’s not too late! Click the button below to catch the entire program from our Banquet Program webpage. And it’s not too late to participate in our Special Project Grants Offering (open through December 31, 2020) as we raise much-needed funds to stand with our global partners in these very challenging days for the materially poor. Thank you for your encouragement and generosity!