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Learning How to Extend More of Heaven to Earth

Discipleship. Jesus’ Core Strategy.

Jesus had a great vision: for the kingdom of heaven to come to earth. It was no small task, and it would take people willing to give up everything to make it possible. Those people are called disciples, and it is the desire of every disciple to join Jesus in embracing, experiencing, and extending the kingdom.

PEER Servants chooses a kingdom-centric discipleship theme every year that shapes the spiritual encouragement of our volunteers. The discipleship training takes place in larger chapter meetings, smaller discipleship groups, mobile phone apps, and online through this blog. Blog contributors include our PEER Servants volunteers, board and staff members from our partners, and other friends. We hope these posts will encourage you in your desire to live like Jesus and thereby extend His amazing kingdom to others.

2022 Theme: Mission Possible

Jesus’ vision, that the kingdom would come “on earth as it is in heaven”, may at times seem like Mission Impossible. But time and time again, Jesus reminded His disciples that what may seem impossible with man is possible with God. This is setting us out on our 2022 kingdom journey to “Mission Possible”.

Our mission is to work with and through our Global Partners and Chapters to see “palpable kingdom presence” in the regions in which we live and work – not only at the individual and family level, but at the church and community/region level as well. We will spend this year working with our volunteers and Global Partners to further develop this Palpable Kingdom Presence Grid. The Grid, together with our description of the kingdom, will shape our discipleship curriculum for the year. Expect the Grid to change as we enhance it throughout the year.

Join us on our journey this year, and in the years to come, as we seek to see what’s described in this Palpable Kingdom Presence Grid become reality, as we see what seems impossible become “Mission Possible”.

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