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Extending Services to the Rural Materially Poor

Partner: Hope Fund Burundi

Partner Since: 2016

Current Number of Clients Being Served: Over 12,000

2020 GDP per Capita (Nominal): $264 (<1% of USA)

Burundi is one of the materially poorest countries in the world. Hope Fund Burundi is out to change that. Since 2006, they have offered great microfinance services in the form of savings and loans. The vast majority of their program funding comes from Burundians who are very committed to helping their neighbors. They are now focused on extending their services to the rural poor in Burundi and PEER Servants is partnering with them to that end.

Your Generosity Can Make a Big Difference in Burundi

Join Team Burundi

We meet one hour per month and are currently working on…

Capacity Building: Helping Hope Fund Burundi with staff retention strategies, board and staff training, spiritual integration, and strategic planning.

Resource Development: Raising $20,000+ for the 2021 Burundi Fund.

Networking: Helping Hope Fund Burundi learn from and teach other partners in the PEER Servants network.

General Support: Encouraging Hope Fund Burundi staff, praying for them, visiting them, hosting them, and receiving what God has given them for us. 

News from Burundi