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Our Online Gift Catalog

Enabling Your Gift Giving to Empower the Materially Poor

Honor Your Loved One. Change the World.

PEER Servants Online Gift Catalog gives you the opportunity to give a gift that will honor your loved one while empowering a micro-entrepreneur, student, young person, or PEER Servants volunteer in another part of the world. We’ll send a customized card to the person on your gift list with your personalized message while you take one more step to empower the materially poor.

Here’s what you need to do… 

  • Step 1 – Choose your gift. There are many options below that can provide the gift of a micro-loan, education scholarship, social entrepreneur grant, or travel scholarship.
  • Step 2 – Complete your payment. Clicking on any picture below brings you to the payment portal. Note which gift you are selecting in the drop-down menu and enter your payment information.
  • Step 3 – Customize your card. After you click “Submit” on the payment portal, you will be directed to our Gift Card Form. Enter the name and address of the gift recipient along with the message you would like us to include in the card and we will have your card on its way to brighten the day of your gift recipient!

Thank you for making a difference in your gift giving! May you experience joy in the giving!

Our Online Gift Catalog Options

Choose your gift from those offered below, click on the picture, and you will be brought to the payment portal.

A Micro-Loan in Guatemala

Our Guatemalan partner, Potter’s House, is expanding their microfinance program, Vida Nueva (New Life) throughout the country. Your gift will provide micro-loan capital to enable them to empower mothers to provide for their children and give them a better future.

A Micro-Loan in India

Christian Service Society (CSS), our Indian partner, serves tens of thousands of clients, 90% of whom are women, on the outskirts of Kolkata with initial micro-loans of less than $100. Your gift will enable a mother to grow her business and better provide for her family.

A Micro-Loan in Moldova

Moldova has a dire need to keep its young people from leaving the country and Invest Credit, our Moldovan partner, is committed to creating business growth opportunities for them. Your gift will provide loan capital to help grow a very important small business.

A Micro-Loan in Peru

Kallarisunchis, our Peruvian partner, is offering micro-credit and micro-savings to the indigenous peoples of Peru high in the Andes Mountains. Your gift will enable them to empower a hardworking family and better the future of their children.

An Education Scholarship in the Philippines

Visions of Hope, the education arm of PEER Servants’ Filipino partner, CCT, is offering fantastic culturally-based, Christ-centric education to tribal children in the Philippines, many of whom are the first in their families to get a formal education. Your gift will provide a scholarship to a promising student.

A Micro-Loan in South Sudan

SALT (Special Action for Life Transformation) serves single mother refugees from South Sudan, most of whom are currently in northern Uganda given the instability in their country. Your gift will help a single mother grow a small business while getting much-needed emotional and spiritual support.

A Micro-Loan in Sri Lanka

YGro-HEED empowers many women who are now the primary if not sole breadwinners in their families following Sri Lanka’s long civil war. Your gift will provide loan capital that will enable women to provide for their household and enable their families to live with sufficiency and dignity.

A Micro-Loan in Uganda

More than 75% of northern Ugandans live on less than $3/day. CAFECC (Christian Action for Empowering Church and Community) is out to change that. Your gift will provide loan capital that will allow a hardworking micro-entrepreneur to grow her or his business..

A Micro-Loan in Zambia

CEMFIN (Christian Empowerment Microfinance) is using microfinance, education, and youth empowerment to transform the Western Province of Zambia. Your gift will enable them to make more micro-loans to one of many Zambians they would like to serve.

A Global Micro-Loan (Where Most Needed)

PEER Servants has a network of global partners that have varying needs for loan capital at different times. Your gift to The Global Fund will allow us to have the greatest impact right now and make a big difference in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, or the Americas.

A Social Entrepreneur Grant to a PEER Teen

PEER Teens are young people around the world who are serious about extending more of the kingdom of heaven to earth as they bring God’s love, hope, and peace to prisons, hospitals, schools, and beyond. Your $100 gift will enable them to receive a grant to cover the expenses of their work.

A Travel Scholarship for a PEER Teen

Members of PEER Teens affiliates in Africa, Asia, and the Americas work together to be that much more effective in extending the kingdom of heaven to earth. Your gift could provide a young person from a materially poor family with a travel scholarship to participate in the ministry.

A Travel Scholarship to a PEER Servants Volunteer

PEER Servants volunteers come from all over the world. Some of our most critical and effective volunteers are neighbors with the micro-entrepreneurs being empowered by our partners. Your gift could provide a travel scholarship to enable them to have global impact.