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Guatemala Fund

Turning Scavengers into Treasures in Guatemala
Donation Goal For This Project is $30,000
83% Donated/$5,000 To Go
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Claudia’s jewelry and hairdressing business allows her to educate her children.

Imagine living in or off of one of the largest dumps in Latin America. That’s reality for over 10,000 people in Guatemala City, Guatemala. They are called “scavengers,” but that’s not how the inspiring staff of Casa del Alfarero (Potter’s House) sees them. They see them as “Treasures”, and for over 30 years have served them through five holistic and integrated programs, including “Vida Nueva” (New Life), their microfinance program. Now families are able to pursue alternative forms of income generation that are removing their dependency on the dump and enabling them to experience a bit more of the kingdom of heaven on earth.