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The 2016 Moldova Fund

Stabilizing Families and Protecting the Vulnerable in Moldova
Donation Goal For This Project is $30,000
7% Donated/$27,654 To Go
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Invest Credit is empowering rural women to provide for and protect their daughters and sons.

Moldova is Europe’s materially poorest country. Many are fleeing the country – Moldova has 1 million fewer residents now than after the fall of the Soviet regime in the early 1990s. Families are separated as at least one parent leaves the country looking for work elsewhere. These factors have contributed to Moldova becoming the lead source country for human trafficking in Europe. In the midst of these tremendous challenges, Invest Credit, an amazing Moldovan microfinance organization, has been serving the materially poor for over 15 years. They have made over 6,000 loans, totaling over $5,000,000, with a repayment rate exceeding 95%. PEER Servants would like to grant at least $30,000 to Invest Credit in 2016. The funds will go towards providing more loan capital, a mobile office van to reach the rural poor, training opportunities to build the capacity of the Invest Credit staff, and more. 100% of your donation will go to programs empowering the materially poor in Moldova. PEER Servants gets monthly program reports from Invest Credit while maintaining regular calls and making generally annual visits that make certain funds sent to Invest Credit are used well.