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The 2016 Sri Lanka Fund

Empowering Families in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka
Donation Goal For This Project is $20,000
6% Donated/$18,768 To Go
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YGro-HEED is empowering thousands of Sri Lanka’s women that the civil war left as the primary breadwinners in their families.

While the civil war in Sri Lanka officially ended in 2009, the impact of the war will be felt in many families for years to come. YGro-HEED has been serving the materially poor in Sri Lanka for over 15 years – through tsunamis, civil war, and more. They have made over 10,000 micro-loans, 75% of which have gone to women, and many of them the primary breadwinners in their families given the war-related death or disability of their husband. They have maintained a loan repayment rate at or very near 100%. As a result, widows and mothers have been able to protect and provide for their children and make sure they get the education needed to break the cycle of material poverty. PEER Servants would like to grant at least $20,000 to YGro-HEED in 2016. The funds will go primarily to loan capital given the huge demand for YGro-HEED’s micro-loans, while also being available for building the capacity of the staff to better serve their clients. 100% of your donation will go to programs empowering the materially poor in Sri Lanka. PEER Servants gets monthly program reports from YGro-HEED while maintaining regular calls and making generally annual visits that make certain funds sent to YGro-HEED are used well.