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The 2018 Philippines Fund

Donation Goal For This Project is $40,000
60% Donated/$15,808 To Go
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CCT/VOH offers education programs to former streetdweller children, indigenous tribal children, the children of their materially poorest micro-entrepreneurs, and more.

You can support CCT and VOH as they enable the last to become first in the Philippines. CCT offers micro-loans, savings, and insurance to over 100,000 aspiring micro-entrepreneurs while VOH, CCT’s education arm, offers top-notch education programs in various forms to over 3,000 children. The 2018 Philippines Fund would like to make a grant of at least $20,000 to CCT and VOH to allow them to reach many more at-risk children through their education programs. 100% of your donation will go to CCT/VOH.

Last Date for Donations to this Fund: December 31, 2018