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The 2021 Sri Lanka Fund

Donation Goal For This Project is $51,450
66% Donated/$17,365 To Go
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Rasotha (back right) provides for her family through a growing farm after her husband (back left) suffered a terrible accident in Sri Lanka’s long civil war.

You can support YGro-HEED as they extend the kingdom of heaven to primarily women providing for their households in post-conflict Sri Lanka. HEED offers affordable access to micro-loans and basic business training to approximately 1,600 clients and education programs to 100+ at-risk students. The 2021 Sri Lanka Fund would like to make a grant of at least $26,500 to YGro-HEED to build their capacity to empower more micro-entrepreneurs and students. 100% of your donation will go to YGro-HEED.

Last Date for Donations to this Fund: December 31, 2021