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The 2022 Guatemala Fund

Donation Goal For This Project is $103,403
96% Donated/$3,288 To Go
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Maria’s tortilla business has sent her children to university while creating jobs for other women.

You can support Potter’s House and Vida Nueva as they extend the kingdom of heaven to the materially poor in Guatemala’s dumps and beyond. Vida Nueva offers fantastic training, spiritual encouragement, and micro-loans to approximately 200 micro-entrepreneurs while Potter’s House offers great education and health programs to thousands more. The 2022 Guatemala Fund would like to make a grant of at least $75,000 to Vida Nueva and Potter’s House to build their capacity to empower more micro-entrepreneurs and young students while making medical lab services accessible to the very poor. 100% of your donation will go to Potter’s House and Vida Nueva.

Last Date for Donations to this Fund: December 31, 2022