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The 2023 South Sudan Fund

Donation Goal For This Project is $50,000
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The terrible impact of South Sudan’s civil war has been experienced firsthand by these women, but their lives are being restored through the programs offered by SALT.

You can support SALT as they stand with and empower these single mother refugees and returning refugee families during a very challenging period in their lives. SALT would like to continue to expand the vocational training, microfinance, education, and food/water security programs they are offering so as to allow these refugees to have a means to generate their own income, be able to pay their children’s school fees, and meet other basic needs in the family. The 2023 South Sudan Fund would like to make a grant of at least $50,000 to SALT to allow them to sustain and expand their programs in both Uganda and in South Sudan as refugees return. 100% of your donation will go to SALT.

Last Date for Donations to this Fund: December 31, 2023