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The 2016 Peru Fund

Reaching Indigenous Women in the Rural and Marginalized Urban Areas of Peru
Donation Goal For This Project is $20,000
0% Donated/$20,000 To Go
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Kallarisunchis is creating opportunities for indigenous women to provide for their families.

Peru has been witnessing some progress in addressing issues of material poverty, but the indigenous women are left behind. Kallarisunchis has been empowering the Peruvian materially poor through microfinance for over 15 years and over 70% of its clients are women. Based in Cusco, Kallarisunchis extends material, social, and spiritual transformation through their holistic services. They are a small microfinance program, but would like to grow in the years ahead to better serve more of the materially poor indigenous women who reside in the area. PEER Servants would like to grant at least $20,000 to Kallarisunchis in 2016. The funds will go towards providing additional loan capital, program operating funds, and capacity building of the staff. 100% of your donation will go to programs empowering the materially poor in Peru. PEER Servants gets monthly program reports from Kallarisunchis while maintaining regular calls and making generally annual visits that make certain funds sent to Kallarisunchis are used well.