Partnering for Economic Empowerment and Renewal. Transforming Lives.

Africa Causes

The 2024 Zambia Fund

21% Donated/$16,678 To Go
You can support CEMFIN as they extend the kingdom of heaven to the materially poor in western Zambia. CEMFIN offers micro-loans and spiritual encouragement to around 100 micro-entrepreneurs while offering a youth empowerment program that offers university scholarships to the top servant leaders. The 2024 Zambia Fund would like to...
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The 2024 Uganda Fund

60% Donated/$27,962 To Go
You can support our three Ugandan partners, CAFECC, PAD, and SALT, as they extend the kingdom of heaven to the rural poor in northern Uganda. CAFECC offers free and secure microfinance products to over 1,000 clients. PAD is offering fantastic youth empowerment and education programs that are preparing the leaders...
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The 2024 South Sudan Fund

73% Donated/$16,185 To Go
You can support SALT as they stand with and empower these single mother refugees and returning refugee families during a very challenging period in their lives. SALT would like to continue to expand the vocational microfinance, education, food/water security, and youth empowerment programs they are offering so as to allow...
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The 2023 Burundi Fund

42% Donated/$8,605 To Go
You can support PEER Teens Burundi as they extend the kingdom of heaven to the Burundian people in one of the world’s materially poorest countries. PEER Teens Burundi works through a team of kingdom-passionate Burundian young people who are committed to acts of service to transform their communities. The 2023...
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