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Celebration Program

Thank you for joining us!

Welcome to our 30th Anniversary Lydia Celebration!

We’re SO glad you came!

Did you miss one of our House Celebrations or Virtual Celebrations? No worries – you can catch our Celebration “On Demand” and watch it when best for you. We’re excited to spend these next few minutes with you and bring you literally around the world! You’ll meet…

  • Lydia Award finalists from Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Moldova.
  • Paul Borthwick, as he brings the message of “Mission Possible”.
  • Young people in our education/youth empowerment programs.
  • Global Partners empowering the materially poor.
  • Gifted musicians, dancers, and poets.
  • PEER Servants volunteers from around the world!

There are three videos below which provide our 30th Anniversary Lydia Celebration program. Just click on each video and you can join in the celebration with us. If you don’t have time to watch the full program, scroll all the way down and you can catch the highlights in less than 10 minutes!

We are very honored you are here! Thank you for coming.

Part 1: A word from our Key Emcee and President.

In this year’s Celebration, you will have many “emcees” from around the world, but we start the evening with someone many of you will recognize. Hanna Machatha has been the emcee at our most recent Fall Banquets. She kicks the evening off with her warmth and grace.

Then, a few words of welcome from our President, Todd Engelsen.

Part 2: Welcome back!

This second part of our program is emceed by some of our fun, fantastic volunteers from Africa and the Americas! They are all central figures in our PEER global volunteer family and will help you appreciate why being part of that family is such a blessing!

We capture some of the 30 highlights of these first 30 Years through pictures while Beatriz and Robert Bloodworth sing a beautiful song you are sure to recognize! Then Paul Borthwick will bring our keynote address “Mission Possible” before we turn to the Lydia Awards portion of the program. You’ll meet three inspiring micro-entrepreneurs – the finalists for our Lydia Award – and some of the  PEER Servants volunteers on the Country Teams of the finalists who are going to try to convince you to vote for their finalist! Our voting is now over – check out the Lydia Awards section of our website to find out who won. Enjoy!

Part 3: 2030 Preview, Special Program Grants, Celebration Offering, Special Music, Poetry, and Smiles!

You know that we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary, but did you know that our sights are really set on the next big 30 – the Year 2030! Our Asian emcees kick off this last segment of our program. Some of our Board Members join us to give you a peak at 2030 and introduce our Special Project Grants before Bill and Judy Long guide us in how to participate in our $250,000 Celebration Offering. We’ll close out the program with a beautiful Swahili Hymn, African poetry, and Thank Yous and Smiles from Around the World!

Highlights: The 75-Minute Program in 9 Minutes!

If you don’t have the time to watch the entire program, catch the 9-minute highlight reel! You’ll catch portions of most of the micro-entrepreneurs, speakers, musicians, dancers, and poets! This may suit for today and beckon you back on a day with more time to watch the full program! Enjoy!

That’s it!

Thanks again for coming and being a means through which the mission Jesus has given all of us becomes “Mission Possible”!

Thanks to the generosity of many, we exceeded our 2021 Celebration Offering goal of $250,000. Thank you to everyone who played a part in that!

If you have any comments on our 30th Anniversary Lydia Program, we would love to hear them. Please reach out to us at