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Celebration Program

Just in case you missed it!

Welcome to our 2023 Virtual Lydia Celebration!

We’re SO glad you came!

Did you miss our 2023 Virtual Lydia Celebration or 2023 Lydia Celebration Banquet? No worries – you can watch our Celebration “On Demand” when best for you. You’ll meet people from around the world who are experiencing the the kingdom of heaven coming “Near” (our annual theme for the coming year) through our global partnerships in microfinance, education, youth empowerment, healthcare, and food/water security. You’ll also meet…

  • Lydia Award finalists from Philippines, Uganda, and Sri Lanka.
  • PAD/Uganda Youth Choir members introducing our theme song for the coming year, “Near”.
  • PEER Servants volunteers from around the world!

Just click on the video. The entire program is an hour.

Our 2023 Celebration Offering is open through November 15. Click on the button below to participate in that as, together, we hope to raise $200,000 to extend more of the kingdom to the materially poor.

We are very honored you are here! Thank you for coming.

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