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Upcoming Events

7Ws Gatherings – Global

  • What: Welcome-Worship-Word-Work-Wow-Widen-Wrapup! The 7Ws Gathering is our monthly fellowship, training, and encouragement of PEER Servants volunteers. We meet globally via Zoom.
  • When: Usually on the first Saturday of the month at 10 am Boston time. Please contact us if you would like meeting details.
  • Where: Via Zoom.
  • Who: Everyone is welcome. Please join us!
  • Cost: None.

Additional Details on Upcoming Events

How Much Would You Pay for Water?

How about $50? For well over a year, members of our Kenya Chapter of PEER Servants volunteers have been establishing a strong foundation of fellowship and friendship with the Animist Samburu people of Tuale village in Kenya. As they have listened to the expressed needs of the Tuale Elders, access...
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30 Years in 9 Minutes!

We’ve captured our 30th Anniversary Lydia Celebration highlights in a 9-minute video! Click on the 30th Anniversary logo above to check it out. If after watching this, you want to see more of the program, just click here. And if you’re seeing this by November 15 and want to help...
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And our 2021 Lydia Award Winner is…

Atputhaseeli, an inspiring Fish Net Retailer and Repairer from Sri Lanka! Congratulations to Atputhaseeli, YGRO-HEED (our Sri Lankan Global Partner that serves Atputhaseeli), and the Team Sri Lanka PEER Servants volunteers who worked closely together to tell her story to the world. Congratulations to our two other Lydia Award finalists...
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We’re Turning 30!

PEER Servants is turning 30! We have so much to celebrate and we’d love for you to join us! We will have House and Virtual Celebrations in the September 24 – October 7 date range and there is no cost of admission. We’ll celebrate what God has done in these...
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