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Extending God's Love to Hindus and Muslims

Partner: Christian Service Society

Partner Since: 2010

Current Number of Clients Being Served: Over 32,000

2020 GDP per Capita (Nominal): $1,877 (3% of USA)

How does one empower the overwhelming number of materially poor on the outskirts of Kolkata, India? The Christian Service Society (CSS) has been doing it for 30+ years with initial micro-loans of $100 or less. CSS loan officers ride the Indian Railway for up to two hours each way to reach their clients – 90% of whom are women and 99% Hindu or Muslim. CSS uses the surplus from the microfinance to support village pre-primary education centers, teen tutoring programs, dengue fever prevention programs, animal husbandry programs, and more.

Your Generosity Can Make a Big Difference in India

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We meet one hour per month and are currently working on…

Capacity Building: Helping CSS middle management acquire English and develop their management skills, preparing CSS for eventual management succession, supporting their efforts to digitize their loan processing, and helping them submit grants to prospective donors.

Resource Development: Raising $30,000+ for the 2022 India Fund.

Networking: Helping CSS learn from and teach other partners in the PEER Servants network.

General Support: Encouraging CSS staff, praying for them, visiting them, hosting them, and receiving what God has given them for us. 

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