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Lydia Award Celebration

An Evening Celebrating Transformation

It’s One of Our Favorite Nights of the Year!

Who doesn’t love an inspiring story of transformation? How about three such stories?!

PEER Servants sponsors the Lydia Award each year to recognize the micro-entrepreneurs who, like Lydia in Acts 16, are using their small businesses for significant family and community impact. Our Lydia Award Celebration is an evening where our volunteers tell the stories, often through very creative and compelling means, of the three finalists for the Lydia Award. Their goal: to persuade you to vote for their Lydia Award finalist, which is announced at the end of the evening.

Add to the Celebration cuisine from the countries of the three finalists and a great gathering of people like you who want to make a difference in our world, and we think it will be one of your favorite nights of the year as well! It’s a FREE evening – no charge for admission, no offering.

The 2019 Lydia Award Celebration was on Saturday, August 3. By the end of the evening, we recognized Maria Osorio de León, a tortilla maker from Guatemala, as the recipient of our 2019 Lydia Award. Read more about her story and that of some of our other recent Lydia Award winners on our Lydia Award webpage.

We will announce our 2020 Lydia Award finalists in early July 2020 and gather for our 2020 Lydia Award Celebration on Saturday, August 1, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in Room 205 of the Adult Learning Center (2 Militia Drive) at Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA.