Partnering for Economic Empowerment and Renewal. Transforming Lives.

Celebration Offering

One of Our Most Significant Annual Investments in the Lives of the Materially Poor

An Offering that Transforms Lives.

God uses PEER Servants’ annual Celebration Offering to positively impact the lives of the materially poor in very significant ways. In 2021, this is especially true as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and plan for a future with even greater kingdom impact. Our 2021 Celebration Offering goal is $250,000, and you have already given $255,914 (102%)! Thank you for being part of a community that is so generous in your response!

We have now completed our Celebration Offering and thank God and you for the following very generous results…

  • Where Most Needed: These funds will be used to meet the greatest needs in the overall work of PEER Servants and our Global Partners. Amount Received: $90,865.
  • Special Project Grants: Each year the PEER Board identifies strategic projects submitted by our Global Partners that we’d like to fund over and above what we provide through our Country Fund Base Grants. There are seven Special Project Grants this year – scroll down to review them and note that all have been fully-funded. Thank you! Amount Received: $102,713.
  • Country Funds: Each year PEER Servants desires to send a minimum of $20,000 to each Global Partner as part of our Base Grant. These funds can be used for the Partners’ microfinance, education, youth empowerment, healthcare, or food security programs. Amount Received: $62,336.

While the Celebration Offering has closed, you can still donate directly to your favorite Country Fund in PEER Servants. Just click on “Donate” in the upper right corner of your screen and choose your cause in the drop-down menu. If you prefer to give by check, please make it out to “PEER Servants”, send it to PEER Servants, PO Box 258, Woburn, MA 01801, and include a note stating the cause you would like to support. PEER Servants will direct 100% of your gift to the option you choose.

Thank you for your generosity.

Our 2021 Special Project Grants

To donate, click on the desired picture, then "Submit", and choose the project from the drop-down menu. Amounts received are updated daily.

Moldova/Invest Credit: $20,000

Enable Invest Credit to complete a “Peer-to-Peer Loan” feasibility study that, if promising, could allow them to attract significantly more loan capital from Moldovans (and perhaps others) to lend directly to other Moldovans with Invest Credit acting as risk managers. Amount received: $20,500. Fully funded. Thank you!

Peru/Kallarisunchis: $15,000

Launch a program that will reach 60+ rural, indigenous women and provide both life skills and vocational training so that they can gain confidence, be encouraged, develop income generating skills, and provide for their families. Amount received: $15,113. Fully funded. Thank you!

Philippines/CCT-VOH: $13,000

Enable 11 graduating 10th grade students from CCT-VOH’s tribal school in Mindanao to continue their senior secondary studies with provision of a laptop/tablet, internet/electricity access, school supplies, COVID PPE, nutrition (feeding program), and private tutoring/mentoring. Amount received: $13,011. Fully funded. Thank you!

South Sudan/Special Action for Life Transformation (SALT): $12,500

Provide the equipment, farm inputs and technical training for 50 South Sudanese single mother refugees in Northern Uganda to gain access to food security for their families and limit the negative impact of high food inflation by starting their own backyard farms. Amount received: $13,288. Fully funded. Thank you!

Sri Lanka/YGro-HEED: $6,500

Provide eight new laptop computers and five new cameras for the branches of our Sri Lankan microfinance partner to adopt a much more efficient management information system and to capture and communicate the impact they are having on their communities. Amount received: $6,500. Fully funded. Thank you!

Uganda/Christian Action for Empowering Church and Community (CAFECC): $10,000

Allow CAFECC to purchase major printing equipment for their Youth Print Shop that will enable them to add banners, T-Shirts, and embroidery to the services they offer the Arua community and to employ, train, and disciple at-risk youth at the Shop. Amount received: $10,000. Fully funded. Thank you!

Zambia/Christian Empowerment Microfinance (CEMFIN): $23,000

Procure a 20-ton truck for CEMFIN that will allow them to offer transport services to/from Lusaka/Mongu that will reduce their micro-entrepreneur clients’ transport costs while providing another means to support CEMFIN’s overall operations. Amount received: $24,302. Fully funded. Thank you!