Partnering for Economic Empowerment and Renewal. Transforming Lives.

Banquet Offering

One of Our Most Significant Annual Investments in the Lives of the Materially Poor

An Offering that Transforms Lives.

God uses PEER Servants’ annual Banquet Offering to positively impact the lives of the materially poor in very significant ways. In 2019, we received over $103,000 through the Offering. Thank you to everyone who gave so generously!

One of the primary purposes for our Banquet Offering is to provide grants to Special Projects submitted by our global partners. It’s not too late to participate! You can select any of our global partner’s Special Projects (see details below) and we will direct 100% of your donation to them for specific needs they have beyond their daily operations. Our goal is to receive $100,000 in restricted donations to support these 2019 Special Project Grants – we will update our progress in meeting that goal on a daily basis. Our 2019 Special Project Fund is open through December 31, 2019.

Thank you for your generosity to our Banquet Offering and our 2019 Special Project Fund.

Goal: $100,000 for Our 2019 Special Project Fund

Our 2019 Special Project Grants

To donate, click on the desired picture, then "Submit", and choose the project from the drop-down menu. Amounts received are updated daily.

Guatemala/Potter’s House: $15,000

Establish a new branch of the Potter’s House/Vida Nueva microfinance program in Chiquimula. Vida Nueva has transformed the lives of hundreds of families. Now the program is expanding to serve the materially poor of eastern Guatemala. Amount received: $6,565.

India/Christian Service Society: $10,000

Purchase computers and provide training to digitize the loan processing from primarily paper-based to primarily computer-based for 30,000+ clients. Enable the organization to operate much more efficiently in the future. Amount received: $3,175.

Moldova/Invest Credit: $15,000

Enable Invest Credit to pursue digital marketing that will encourage young clients to remain in and start businesses in Moldova. Many young Moldovans don’t see opportunity currently in their country – Invest Credit would like to change that. Amount received: $2,650.

Philippines/The Center for Community Transformation (CCT): $15,000

Build two new classrooms to add older grades at a Christian tribal school in Palawan. Provide a topnotch, culturally-based education to children many of whom are the first in their families to receive a formal education. Amount received: $3,110.

South Sudan/Special Action for Life Transformation (SALT): $12,500

Provide safe, modern sanitation and hygiene facilities for refugee children at education centers. SALT is serving the South Sudanese refugee community in northern Uganda during these days of ongoing instability in the country. Amount received: $5,013.

Uganda/Christian Action for Empowering Church and Community (CAFECC): $12,500

Create an arts and printing center to train at-risk youth in a skill while employing PEER Teens Uganda youth and alumni (who are particularly skilled in this area) as trainers. This will be the only printing center of this kind in Arua. Amount received: $4,475.

Zambia/Christian Empowerment Microfinance (CEMFIN): $20,000

Purchase CEMFIN’s first (and only) vehicle, a mini-bus, that they will use to transport PEER Teens Zambia youth and CEMFIN staff as they serve the community in many ways. None of the current CEMFIN staff currently own a vehicle, so the need is great. Amount received: $950.