Partnering for Economic Empowerment and Renewal. Transforming Lives.

Celebration Offering

One of Our Most Significant Annual Investments in the Lives of the Materially Poor

An Offering that Transforms Lives.

God uses PEER Servants’ annual Celebration Offering to positively impact the lives of the materially poor in very significant ways. In 2022, this is especially true as the extremely materially poor face unprecedented challenges given high inflation, food insecurity, and the struggles to rebuild businesses and lives after COVID. Our 2022 Celebration Offering goal is $250,000, and you have already given $160,749 (64%)! Thank you for being part of a community that is so generous in your response!

You have three options in ways you can direct your Celebration Offering gift…

  • Where Most Needed: These funds will be used to meet the greatest needs in the overall work of PEER Servants and our Global Partners. Amount Received: $86,903.
  • Special Project Grants: Each year the PEER Board identifies strategic projects submitted by our Global Partners that we’d like to fund over and above what we provide through our Country Fund Base Grants. There are five Special Project Grants this year totaling $100,000 – scroll down to review them and select your favorite. Amount Received: $56,120.
  • Country Funds: Each year PEER Servants desires to send a minimum of $20,000 to each Global Partner as part of our Base Grant. These funds can be used for the Partners’ microfinance, education, youth empowerment, healthcare, or food security programs. Amount Received: $17,725.

To give to the Celebration Offering, just click on the “Donate Now” button above (upper left) and choose your cause in the drop-down menu. If you prefer to give by check, please make it out to “PEER Servants”, send it to PEER Servants, PO Box 258, Woburn, MA 01801, and include a note stating the cause you would like to support. PEER Servants will direct 100% of your gift to the option you choose.

Thank you for your generosity.

Our 2022 Special Project Grants

To donate, click on the desired picture, then "Submit", and choose the project from the drop-down menu. Amounts received are updated daily.

Moldova/Invest Credit – Microfinance: $20,000

Support Invest Credit as they develop an Online Credit Scoring Model that will enable them to take the next step in their multi-year strategy to expand into the digital marketing space. This will allow Invest Credit to reach more, especially young, clients to establish small businesses that will allow them to remain in Moldova. Amount received: $6,715.

Uganda/CAFECC – Food Security: $20,000

Support CAFECC (Christian Action for Empowering Church and Community) as they expand their Demo Farm with a fence around their property, two greenhouses, solar-powered irrigation pump, and storehouse that is helping sustain CAFECC while enabling them to mitigate risks associated with lending to farmers. Amount received: $12,738.

Philippines/CCT-VOH – Education: $20,000

Support Visions of Hope (VOH) Christian Schools as they purchase a 4×4 L300 Mitsubishi Minibus to transport their staff, school equipment, and materials to a very remote tribal school in Palawan while also making it possible for students and their families to get to the city in case of emergencies. Amount received: $16,026.

South Sudan/SALT – Youth Empowerment: $20,000

The youth of PEER Teens South Sudan love communicating God’s love to others, especially idle youth, and many have decided to follow Jesus. This grant will purchase music/sports equipment, tents/chairs, sound system, Bibles, a small vehicle, and more to extend the footprint in which they share this good news! Amount received: $10,781.

Peru/Kallarisunchis – Microfinance/Education: $20,000

For years, Kallarisunchis has been empowering indigenous women living high in the Peruvian Andes to be able to provide for their families. Support Kallarisunchis as they train and equip 100 of these women to learn and apply appropriate digital marketing technologies to grow their businesses. Amount received: $9,860.