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Our 2021 Discipleship Blog

Learning How to Extend More of Heaven to Earth

Discipleship. Jesus’ Core Strategy.

Jesus had a great vision: for the kingdom of heaven to come to earth. It was no small task, and it would take people willing to give up everything to make it possible. Those people are called disciples, and it is the desire of every disciple to join Jesus in embracing, experiencing, and extending the kingdom.

PEER Servants chooses a kingdom-centric discipleship theme every year that shapes the spiritual encouragement of our volunteers. The discipleship training takes place in larger chapter meetings, smaller discipleship groups, mobile phone apps, and online through this blog. Blog contributors include our PEER Servants volunteers, board and staff members from our partners, and other friends. We hope these posts will encourage you in your desire to live like Jesus and thereby extend His amazing kingdom to others.

2021 Theme: Perfect Peace

God loves peace. He yearns for you to experience it to the full – with Him, with others, and within.

Join us this year as we explore what the Bible calls “Shalom”. It includes peace, but goes beyond it to a sense of wholeness and completeness. It leads to what God calls “Perfect Peace”.

Our 2021 discipleship theme is anchored in this Isaiah 26:3 (NLT) passage…

You will keep in perfect peace
  all who trust in you,
  all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

So this year we are going to search the scriptures, find God’s teachings on peace, and ask the Holy Spirit to not only allow us to experience true peace, but be among those who extend peace to others with a passionate commitment to justice.

We’ve developed an acronym that captures our Path to Perfect Peace…

P – Practice True Shalom (Isaiah 26:3)
E – Establish a Solid Foundation (Isaiah 26:12)
R – Read God’s Words (Psalm 119:165)
F – Follow Jesus’ Humility (Philippians 2:3-5)
E – Enjoy Christ’s Fullness (Colossians 1:19-20)
C – Center on God’s Spirit (John 14:26-27)
T – Trust in Turmoil (Philippians 4:6-7)

P – Persevere Under Pressure (John 16:33)
E – Extend Mercy to Others (Romans 12:17-18)
A – Act with Justice (James 2:16)
C – Convey God’s Peace (Isaiah 52:7)
E – Exalt the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6-7)

These are days when peace may seem elusive. But if we center on God – keep our minds stayed on Him and our trust built on Him – and we embrace what He considers right (which will challenge our self-centric, culturally-centric, and socioeconomically-centric lives!), then we can be on the Path to Perfect Peace. Come join us on the journey! 

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