Partnering for Economic Empowerment and Renewal. Transforming Lives.


Enabling the Last to Become First

Partner: The Center for Community Transformation (CCT)

Partner Since: 2008

Current Number of Clients Being Served: Over 100,000

2020 GDP per Capita (Nominal): $3,373 (5% of USA)

Jesus told us that a sign of the kingdom of heaven is that the last will be first. CCT is extending that kingdom of heaven to earth. For 25+ years, they have offered great microfinance services in the form of savings, loans, and microinsurance through a cooperative that the materially poor own. The microfinance program has generated a surplus that not only returned a dividend to the materially poor, but helped fund 15+ other programs under the CCT umbrella. PEER Servants partners most closely with the education and microfinance arms of CCT.

Your Generosity Can Make a Big Difference in the Philippines

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We meet one hour per month and are currently working on…

Capacity Building: Helping Visions of Hope (the education arm of CCT) to support schools for tribal and former streetdweller children, encourage and develop their educational staff, be a “mutual mentor” to one of their teachers, research ways to strengthen Teen life coaching and youth entrepreneur programs, strengthen their community-based healthcare programs, and further develop a child sponsorship program.

Resource Development: Raising $40,000+ for The 2022 Philippines Fund.

Networking: Helping CCT and VOH learn from and teach other partners in the PEER Servants network.

General Support: Encouraging CCT and VOH staff, praying for them, visiting them, hosting them, and receiving what God has given them for us. 

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