Partnering for Economic Empowerment and Renewal. Transforming Lives.


Enabling the Last to Become First

Partner: The Center for Community Transformation (CCT)

Partner Since: 2008

Current Number of Clients Being Served: Over 100,000

2020 GDP per Capita (Nominal): $3,373 (5% of USA)

Jesus told us that a sign of the kingdom of heaven is that the last will be first. CCT is extending that kingdom of heaven to earth. For 25+ years, they have offered great microfinance services in the form of savings, loans, and microinsurance through a cooperative that the materially poor own. The microfinance program has generated a surplus that not only returned a dividend to the materially poor, but helped fund 15+ other programs under the CCT umbrella. PEER Servants partners most closely with the education and microfinance arms of CCT.

Your Generosity Can Make a Big Difference in the Philippines

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We meet one hour per month and are currently working on…

Capacity Building: Helping Visions of Hope (the education arm of CCT) to support schools for tribal and former streetdweller children, encourage and develop their educational staff, provide teachers as “mutual mentors” to their teachers, and further develop a child sponsorship program.

Resource Development: Raising $40,000+ for The 2021 Philippines Fund.

Networking: Helping CCT and VOH learn from and teach other partners in the PEER Servants network.

General Support: Encouraging CCT and VOH staff, praying for them, visiting them, hosting them, and receiving what God has given them for us. 

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