Partnering for Economic Empowerment and Renewal. Transforming Lives.

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Partnering Together to Extend the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth

Microfinance. Education. Youth Empowerment.

PEER Servants mobilizes volunteers from around the world to serve our indigenous partners in the areas they request. Our core program has always been microfinance. In more recent years, we have also been providing services in education and youth empowerment.

Want to get involved? Join one of PEER Servants’ teams that meet monthly via videoconference for one hour to support the work of one of PEER Servants’ indigenous partners.

  • Complete a project requested by the partner to build their capacity.
  • Network the partner to learn from or teach other partners in the PEER network.
  • Raise funds for the partner to allow them to serve more of the materially poor.
  • Pray for, call, or visit the partner to encourage them in their work.

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Program: Microfinance

Program Since: 1991

Number of Indigenous Partner Organizations: 10

Number of Clients Being Served through Partners: Over 150,000

Microfinance can be a very powerful tool to enable the materially poor to pursue their dreams and transform their communities. It provides financial products (loans, savings, insurance, and more) along with business development services (business training, mentoring, business promotion, and more). PEER Servants’ microfinance partners also make spiritual encouragement available to those micro-entrepreneurs that identify it as a critical factor on their path to success.

Program: Education

Program Since: 2015

Number of Indigenous Partner Organizations: 2

Number of Students Being Served through Partners: Over 1,500

Education can transform a family and break the cycle of material poverty in one generation. PEER Servants is taking the initial steps to create a global peer group of educators who can share with each other their expertise in using education as a means of further extending the kingdom of heaven to earth. Those being educated include not only at-risk children, but at-risk adults (e.g., single mother refugees) who are in need of learning new vocational skills to provide for their families.

Program: Youth Empowerment

Program Since: 2014

Number of Indigenous Partner Organizations: 7

Number of Young People Being Served through Partners: Over 200

The young people of our day have the potential to extend much more of the kingdom of heaven to earth than the generations that preceded them. PEER Teens is a global community of young people who are learning together how to experience God’s kingdom and extend His kingdom to others. What started in northern Uganda in 2014 has now spread around the world as young people set the example in their conduct, faith, love, speech, and purity (1 Timothy 4:12). They are bringing good news to prisons, hospitals, secondary schools, churches, and beyond and learning to partner globally as friends.