Partnering for Economic Empowerment and Renewal. Transforming Lives.


Creating Opportunities to Experience and Extend the Kingdom

Partners: CAFECC, PAD, and SALT

Partner Since: 2005 (CAFECC), 2022 (PAD), and 2015 (SALT)

Programs Supported by PEER Servants: CAFECC – Microfinance and Food/Water Security; PAD – Youth Empowerment and Education; SALT – Microfinance, Youth Empowerment, and Education

2022 GDP per Capita (Nominal): $1,106 (1% of USA)

Northern Uganda has experienced significant instability in recent decades. CAFECC, PAD, and SALT are extending the kingdom of heaven to the region. Since 2005, Christian Action for Empowering Church and Community (CAFECC) has offered great microfinance services in the form of savings and loans. They are offering what the people of northern Uganda want and need – a reliable, sustainable Christian source for addressing their financial needs and opportunities. CAFECC also operates a Demo Farm to enable them to better mitigate risks of lending to farmers and enhance food security in the area.

PEERs in Action for Development (PAD) is PEER Servants’ newest Global Partner. The PAD leadership has a bright, compelling future for youth in Northern Uganda that will address their empowerment, education, and eventually healthcare. SALT serves the South Sudanese refugee population in West Nile, Uganda. PEER Servants also partners with SALT’s sister organization in South Sudan.

Your Generosity Can Make a Big Difference in Uganda

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We meet one hour per month and are currently working on…

Capacity Building: Helping CAFECC with communicating their impact through website, social media, and video and consultation in food security/agriculture and programs, supporting PAD as they establish a university scholarship program and unleash the vision and power of young people to extend the kingdom, and serving SALT as they empower the large refugee population..

Resource Development: Raising $62,900+ for The 2024 Uganda Fund.

Networking: Helping CAFECC, PAD, and SALT learn from and teach other partners in the PEER Servants network.

General Support: Encouraging CAFECC, PAD, and SALT staff, praying for them, visiting them, hosting them, and receiving what God has given them for us. 

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