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Offering Pro Bono Services to Indigenous Microfinance Institutions Around the World

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Do you want to join an amazing community of volunteers from around the world who are embracing a task as huge as extending the kingdom of heaven to earth and having a great time doing it?

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We want to see more of the kingdom of heaven on earth and for it to become palpable in the Regions in which we partner.

We want to follow and become more like Jesus, the King of the Kingdom.

We are much more relational than transactional in our pursuit of positive change.

We want to be generous with our time, talent, and resources.

We want to be disciples of Jesus – those willing to give up everything to experience and extend the kingdom.

We come from 35+ countries, red/blue states, 12+ church denominations, various socioeconomic backgrounds, and different age groups.

We believe a sign of the kingdom of heaven among us is when we see the last become first and the first willing to become last.

We realize we cannot accomplish such a huge task by ourselves and warmly embrace partnership with others.

We acknowledge we have much to receive from others as well as much to give to them.

We come to serve, not to be served.

We think the path to the last becoming first requires sustainable, not charitable, programs.

We realize we are the ones who need to be transformed, not conformed, and have our minds renewed.

We are limited as volunteers and work together in teams to overcome our limitations.

We desire to answer Jesus’ prayer from John 17 – that we may be one, united in extending God’s kingdom to earth.

3Ws and 2x2

We’ll work with you to identify your 3Ws that capture your PEER Servants experience – WHERE you will serve, WHO you will serve, and WHAT you will actually do. And all being volunteers, we work in 2s (we call it our “Noah Management Strategy” – going 2×2 seemed to work for him!), so you should soon have another volunteer to work with in your specific role.

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Meet Some of the PEER Servants Family

“PEER Servants is full of compassionate, caring, and committed individuals working with grassroots partners to bring more of God’s kingdom to people through microfinance.”

Adam, Canada

“I love that volunteering with PEER Servants involves being part of a diverse and multigenerational group partnering to extend the kingdom of heaven across the nations here on earth.”

Anita, USA (Massachusetts) via India

“What I love about being a PEER Servants volunteer is the people we meet thru our world wide partners, and the life changing experiences we partake in.”

Lin, USA (Massachusetts)

“PEER Servants es una inspiración que nace del corazón de Dios y por eso soy feliz de ser un servidor.”

Gonzalo, Peru

“What I have loved about volunteering with PEER Servants is raising funds for the materially poor by selling my paintings.”

Esther, USA (Massachusetts) via South Korea

“What I have loved about volunteering with PEER Servants is that I have had the opportunity to work with a group of people who are humble in character and dedicated to the growth of their partners.”

Johnny, Denmark

“PEER Servants is a very meaningful way for us to volunteer together and share our gifts with partners around the world.”

Patrice and Dave, USA (New York)

“What I have loved about volunteering with PEER Servants is having the opportunity to experience more of God’s kingdom by getting to know and learn from our brothers and sisters in many different parts of the world.”

Carol, USA (Massachusetts)

“Ce que j’ai aimé au sujet du bénévolat avec PEER Servants c’est que nous faisons connaître la grâce de Dieu manifestée en chacun de nous selon nos talents à la face des nations, dans la transformation économique, sociale et spirituelle de la société et des entreprises à travers nos expériences.”

Aimé, Cameroon