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Walk for Global Empowerment

A Fun, Significant Day to Empower the Materially Poor

Join us as we take “A Million Steps to a Million Dollars”!

We have two big days each year to raise funds to empower the materially poor, and the Walk is the first of these two days.

Our 2021 Walk biggest day was on Saturday, June 5, 2021 and, given the coronavirus pandemic, was a Hybrid Walk – some walked alone (or with friends they invited) and some gathered in small groups of 10-20 walkers. The Walks and crowdfunding continued through September 6, 2021. Our goal was to raise $150,000 and our final tally ended up over $210,000 – 100% of which is going to empower the materially poor around the world. Thank you to everyone who walked, crowdfunded, and donated!

Our Walk for Global Empowerment started in 2006 and, given the funds raised in 2021,  has now raised over $1 million. This led to our Walk theme this year being “A Million Steps to a Million Dollars”.

Click the button below to go to our crowdfunding page and see what each Walk Team raised. Thank you for helping us make a huge impact in the lives of the materially poor around the world through our global partners’ microfinance, education, youth empowerment, healthcare, and food security programs!

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